david cameron

Polythene UK's James Woolard and PM David Cameron

Prime minister David Cameron was the guest of honour last week as Polythene UK opened up a new sustainable office building.

The firm, and provier of polythene packaging for fresh produce suppliers, says that theWitney-based office fits in with Mr Cameron's pledge to create 'the greenest government ever.'

'“The new office building is fantastic and I am pleased to hear just how environmentally friendly it is,' said the PM. 'With their new offices and packaging products Polythene UK are certainly proving their green credentials and I hope that other UK businesses will feel inspired to follow in their footsteps.”

The 8,000 sq ft office is completely self-sustaining and fitted with a solar panel system that delivers 22,000 kWh of electricity per year to fuel operations.

James Woollard, managing director at Polythene UK, says it was an honour for the business to be recognised by the prime minister.

He added: 'We fully intend, as an industry leader, to set the environmental standards for others to follow. Our mission is to be as carbon-positive as possible, which is why we’ve heavily invested in the new fully-sustainable office building as well as product innovation.”