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Demand for blueberries set to go from strength to strength

The global blueberry market is poised to grow by as much as 500 per cent in the coming years, according to a new report.

The Blueberry Supply and Demand Report by analyst firm DGC Asset Management predicts that 'phenomenal' demand for blueberries will help sales to grow in Europe 'considerably'.

Citing the US market, where the average American consumes 2.2lb of blueberries every year, David Garner of DGC Asset Management said: 'Should blueberry products reach the level of market penetration of the United States in markets such as China, Europe, South America and North America, then the size of the global blueberry market will expand by more than 500 per cent.”

The report says that China's consumption alone will triple the blueberry market within 10 years, with global production increasing 10 per cent year on year.

“Around 80 per cent of global production is consumed in North America, yet around half of the remaining 7 billion people around the world can now afford, and more importantly want to consume blueberries in one form or another. The demand potential for this 'superfood' crop is simply phenomenal,” concluded Garner.