The Operation Brock contraflow in Kent will be removed this weekend, with the risk of disruption having reduced following the start of the summer holidays.

Kent Resilience Forum (KRF) leaders said the decision to take down the M20 barrier is based on passenger booking forecasts and reduced check-in times at border inspection points at the cross-Channel borders.

KRF partners will continue to monitor the situation closely and will only redeploy the barrier should the data indicate it is needed, they stated. The barrier can be quickly brought into use, and removed, to help keep Kent moving and protect residents and businesses when periods of heavy traffic are forecast.

KCC’s highways director and KRF strategic planning lead Simon Jones said: “After a problem-free week, we are pleased to be able to say that the barrier is coming down. But, as in April, it will be stored on the hard shoulder ready to return should the need arise.

”I can assure that whenever we put traffic management controls out there is a very good reason - and we will always do everything we can to quickly remove them as soon as they are no longer needed, as we are doing now.

“We are here to keep Kent moving as smoothly as possible, give people travelling the best opportunity to reach their destination safely and to protect those who live and work in Kent from disruption. Operation Brock is a key part of our plans to achieve this.”

Nicola Bell, Highways England regional director, added: “Along with our KRF partners, we feel it was the right decision to deploy the barrier to be ready for potential disruption in order to keep Kent moving. The flexibility of the barrier system means we can remove it and redeploy it at short notice in the event of any future Channel port disruption.

“We thank people for their patience while the moveable barrier has been in place and are looking forward to restoring the M20 to full capacity.”