Marshal Pap at Borough Market

Students from the Marshal Papworth 2016 course

Students from the agricultural charity Marshal Papworth's 2016 course have visited London’s Borough Market on their first-ever trip out of Africa.

One week into their 10-week course, which looks at sustainable farming techniques and business management, the students met market traders to hear tips in entrepreneurship.

They also discussed the importance of techniques for maximising yield and preserving quality during transportation, a major issue for the students in their home countries.

The students, who are from five African countries, are based at Shuttleworth College in Bedfordshire.

Current student Bahiru Asfaw Bonsema, from Ethiopia, explained what he is looking to gain from the course. “I am hoping to learn innovative practices in crop management, livestock management and business management. I also want to improve my capabilities in information technology as this will enable me to enhance the current farming practices in my community, making them more productive and sustainable,” he said.

Marshal Papworth works with in-country charities and organisations, including Self Help Africa and Farm Africa and West Africa Farms, Senegal, to identify suitable candidates.

The charity is wholly managed by the East of England Agricultural Society and offers short course and masters programmes.