Phill Ayres + Monrello broccoli 2 mr

Phill Ayres and Monrello

A new Syngenta broccoli variety which trials have shown boasts a 15 per cent improvement in head firmness compared to a basket of standard main season varieties has been unveiled.

The company hopes Monrello will offer agronomic and consumer benefits that provide growers with a future market-leading option for more consistent, high quality head production across Europe, from the UK to southern Spain.

Syngenta also believesthat it could become the new industry standard variety for main season autumn production in the UK.

Launched at the Brassica Growers Association conference last week (22 January 2014), Syngenta’s new dedicated brassica crop specialist, Phill Ayres, reported Monrelllo - which is suitable for both fresh and processed production - has already proven highly attractive to retailers.

He said: “Furthermore, shelf-life trials have shown Monrello was 33 per cent better than the current industry standard from spring plantings. These attributes offer the chance for improved customer satisfaction and reduced waste.”

The head firmness and shelf life would also be important for processors, giving improved flexibility in processing schedules and product quality, he added.