The arable farmer from Essex is joined by David Exwood as deputy president and Rachel Hallos as vice president

Tom Bradshaw has been elected as the new president of the NFU, representing more than 46,000 farmers and growers across England and Wales.

Tom Bradshaw

Tom Bradshaw

Image: NFU

Bradshaw, who is an arable farmer from Essex, has been a part of the NFU officeholder team for four years, having held both the vice president and deputy president positions.

He is joined by David Exwood as deputy president and Rachel Hallos as vice president.

Commenting on his appointment, Bradshaw said: “It is a deep honour to be elected president of the NFU, and the 46,000 members we represent will be my absolute focus as I lead this superb organisation.

“Profitable production, and the stability and clarity which allows NFU members to plan for and reinvest in their farming and growing businesses will always be my priority. This sits at the heart of delivering sustainable, high-quality and high-welfare food for our country. In the run up to the general election we have the overwhelming support of the public and all political parties must put a plan in place for home-grown food.”

He added: “I also want to focus on forging ever-closer connections with NFU members on the ground. My message to our membership is simple: this is your organisation. We need to hear your views and we need your input. United we are a powerful voice.

“I would also like, on behalf of all NFU members, and I suspect, the public, to thank our outgoing president Minette Batters, for her years of dedication to the NFU, service which has led to outstanding successes.

“We are in a challenging time for agriculture in England and Wales, but it’s also a time of great opportunity, and the NFU will be at the heart of delivering results for our members.”

Accepting his new position, NFU deputy president Exwood said: “I have been proud to represent the British farming industry over the past two years as vice president and I am looking forward to building on this work as deputy president. I would like to thank Minette Batters for everything she has done for the organisation and congratulate Tom and Rachel on their new officeholder roles.

“With a general election on the horizon, the next two years are key for the future of British agriculture as we continue the transition from direct payments. In an uncertain business environment, it is essential that farmers are recognised by all political parties for the climate-friendly food they produce, economic contribution they make to rural communities and their role as caretakers of the countryside.”

Hallos commented on her new role. “I’m incredibly proud and grateful to have the opportunity to represent Britain’s farmers as part of the NFU officeholder team,” she said.

“As farmers are on the front line of climate change it is essential that profitability is built back into the sector, so we are able to invest in resilient businesses that are able to continue producing nutritious food for the nation. I look forward to working with Tom and David over the next two years to navigate the industry through times of much change.”