This year’s Northern Ireland potato crop is better than ever, says region’s leading supplier

l to r: Kyle Greer, Executive Chef, Europa Hotel, Belfast; Harry Crawford, North Down Group and Lewis Cunningham, Wilson's Country.

l to r: Kyle Greer, executive chef, Europa Hotel, Belfast; Harry Crawford, North Down Group and Lewis Cunningham, Wilson’s Country.

Image: Wilson’s Country

Potato lovers in Northern Ireland (NI) can look forward to exceptional spuds this season, such is the quality of the 2022 harvest, according to leading NI potato packer and brand Wilson’s Country.

Managing director Lewis Cunningham said although the record summer temperatures reduced yields, they didn’t dampen flavour.

“Because it was so warm and dry for several weeks it’s fair to say some crops didn’t grow and yield as well as expected because of a lack of water,” he said. ”However, the eating quality of the potato is fantastic and we can all look forward to enjoying floury potatoes with exceptional taste and flavour over the coming months.”

Wilson’s Country customer Kyle Greer, the executive chef at Belfast’s Europa Hotel, agreed: “We serve potatoes with every meal setting of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he said. “They are an integral part of the food service that we offer. The quality of this year’s crop is truly excellent: very floury and filled with taste.”

The Europa is part of the Hastings’ Hotel Group. Group chairman, Howard Hastings, commented: “We have worked with Wilson’s Country for many years. I am very aware of the fact that weather has such a strong influence on the quality of the potatoes that we produce here in Northern Ireland. And it’s tremendous news that the eating quality of this year’s crop is so good.”

Harry Crawford of North Down foodservice group, which works closely with Wilson’s Country and all the Hastings’ Hotels in Northern Ireland, commented: “Demand for home-grown potatoes is always strong. But consumers are very discerning in terms of what they buy.

“The good news is that no one should be disappointed with the quality of potatoes grown in Northern Ireland during 2022. And they are available now.”