Avocado scones: ProHass hoping shoppers will get more creative with avocados

Avocado scones: ProHass hoping shoppers will get more creative with avocados

The Peruvian Hass Avocado Association (ProHass) has targeted the UK market to grow its sales of avocados.

A new ProHass promotional campaign will aim to highlight the benefits of avocados as an everyday fruit, rather than an occasional purchase, and to promote the different ways in which avocados can enhance meals.

The Peruvian Hass avocado variety currently accounts for an estimated 80 per cent of global sales and with only 25 per cent of UK shoppers currently buying avacados per year, the company aims to increase its share of the UK market.

Arturo Medina Castro, general manager of ProHass explains: “We have been working closely with importers and retailers across Europe to develop promotional packages - with the dual objective of highlighting the advantages of sourching avocados from Peru and driving sales.”

The UK marketing campaign, which started earlier this month, will include avocado sampling in selected supermarkets with recipe and educational leaflets also available to shoppers.

“Our campaign will aim to engage with shoppers to make them more aware of the versatility of avocados and to encourage more frequent purchases amongst current buyers; getting across the health benefits of eating avocado is key,” added Castro.

ProHass has forecasted the production of 88,000 tonnes of avocado this season, which runs from May until August, of which 80,000t will be exported. Around 47,000t will be shipped to Europe, with 4,200t to the UK and 13,000t to the French market.