Independent research on behalf of Driscoll’s also reveals that seven of the 10 best-performing cherry varieties were British

Research has found that 91% of Brits prefer to buy home-grown cherries due to their size and taste

Driscoll’s British cherries come from Berry Gardens Growers which has orchards across the UK

Research conducted by Driscoll’s has revealed that 91 per cent of UK consumers prefer to buy cherries grown in Britain instead of imported alternatives.

According to the global berry supplier, a milder and wetter winter has brought the season earlier than usual. Cherries entered major supermarkets across the UK this week, two weeks ahead of the usual seasonal window for British grown cherries.

Independent research conducted on behalf of Driscoll’s found that seven of the 10 best-performing cherry varieties were British, citing the fact that they are some of the highest in terms of flavour and size.

Furthermore, 89 per cent of British cherry shoppers prioritise taste and freshness when sourcing their produce.

The global market leader for fresh berries and cherries also found that supporting British farmers was important to 76 per cent of British cherry shoppers.

Driscoll’s British cherries come from Berry Gardens Growers, with orchards spread across the UK including Herefordshire, Kent, Kincardineshire, Norfolk, Perthshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire.

Driscoll’s cherry product manager, Jon Hillary said: “The favourable weather conditions for cherry growth this year means we can offer consumers flavourful British cherries earlier than usual.

“We’re thrilled to be delivering fresh British cherries as part of our berry portfolio for a second year.

“Our commitment to quality and freshness is reflected in every batch, and we are excited for customers and consumers alike to enjoy them all for all occasions this season”.

Berry Gardens cherry grower Sarah Neaves added: “This year’s British cherry season is here, and our team are starting to pick large, dark red, juicy berries.

“British cherries are truly exceptional, and we are immensely proud to supply them to Driscoll’s this summer for all customers to enjoy.”