pome 2020

South African top- and stonefruit exports are continuing on schedule despite the challenges of Covid-19, industry body Hortgro has declared.

The South African growers' association said that its members are facing numerous logistical challenges around social distancing in packhouses, operating capacity at ports and transport of workers to and from farms. The majority of pear growers have now finished harvesting, however, which is enabling many workers to take some time off and assisting with social distancing.

Hortgro recently reported that worker transport is being carefully managed and there has been a significant reduction in group travel.

Figures for week 14 showed that exports to the UK are slightly down on this time last year. The heatwave in January has negatively impacted early pear sizing and colouring, but in general, colour development and packouts look promising so far in the season, Hortgro said. An increase in most apple crop varieties will be seen in 2020.

Jacquesdu Preez, Hortgro’s general manager for trade and markets, said: “The apple harvest generally looks good this year and although the pandemic will definitely influence exports we’re hoping that it will be as minimal as possible. Indications in Europe have been that due to the pandemic, the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables has increased.”

Hortgro also emphasised the importance of fresh produce consumption, particularly during the current climate. “Fresh produce boosts immunity and is important in the fight against coronavirus. Fruit such as apples and pears is full of vitamin C, dietary fibre and potassium.”

Marketing set to continue

The South African Fruit promotional campaign is continuing to support the industry in the UK and will be focusing on topfruit from this month until the end of August. Activities include trade and consumer PR, trade advertising, social media and recipe development. Generic initiatives ‘South African Young Chef of the Year’ and ‘Help a South African School’ will both continue to run this year, but will be adapted in line with Covid-19 regulations.

Nicholas Dicey, chairman of Hortgro and president of the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA), said: “In these challenging and unprecedented times, the South African topfruit industry recognises the role that it plays to ensure the continuous supply of top-quality and safe food to all our markets, and I hope that normality will return to our daily lives in the near future.”