Philips toplighting compact @ Van der Harg

Signify has launched a new compact toplighting system that it says uses half the energy required by traditional HPS glasshouse lights and makes it easy for growers to switch to LEDs.

The Dutch lighting manufacturer said itsPhilips GreenPower LED toplighting compactrange “fits seamlessly” in existing HPS set-ups and trellis constructions, saving time and money on installation.

It added that the new product consumes 50 per cent less energy, while matching light output of HPS grow lights. The lights will be available in European markets as of Q2 and North American markets as of Q3.

“We’ve never seen such an enthusiastic response for a new product in such a short time. We sold over 100 hectares of toplighting compact grow lights in the first year alone,” said Udo van Slooten, business leader of horticulture at Signify. “That confirms that we chose the right approach to make it easier for growers to shift to LED lighting.”

Growers can choose from a variety of modules to meet their specific needs, with the high-output module providing up to 2650µmol/s of light for crops.

This allows growers with a CHP system in place to make maximum use of their power to gain higher yields or increase quality with higher light output while using the same amount of power.

There is also the option to minimise running costs for the lifetime of their LED product with just 520 W per grow light and an efficiency of up to 3.6µmol/s. Signify pointed out that this is ideal for growers living in countries with high energy costs.

The lighting can also be combined with Signify’s GrowWise Control System to dim lighting and mimic the dusk-to-dawn interval.