Brassica specialists Staples Vegetables is launching a new Burgundy Broccoli variety.

Following a successful trial with a major retailer last year, Burgundy Broccoli will go on sale at selected UK supermarkets from October.

The variety features deep purple florets and a purple stem. The whole head is tender throughout meaning the product doesn’t have to be floreted like a typical head of broccoli.

One of the largest producers of vegetables in the UK, Staples Vegetable is the only grower in the UK harvesting the new variety.

The company has over twenty years’ experience growing brassicas, with Burgundy Broccoli the result of two years in development alongside seed breeding companies Elsoms Seeds and Netherlands-based Bejo.

Burgundy Broccoli grower George Read of Staples Vegetables Ltd, said: “Broccoli products are consistently some of the most widely-enjoyed vegetables. More recently, we’ve seen tender variants pique shoppers’ interests – and we are confident that they will love Burgundy Broccoli as much as we do.

“We’ve been so meticulous with our method, from the spacing of the crop to the amount it’s watered. The broccoli is being grown in Lincolnshire which is perfect for brassica production. Burgundy Broccoli is due to launch in a selection of UK supermarkets this October, including all major retailers.