TIPA-Perfotec Blueberries

Compostable packaging producer TIPA and shelf-life extension specialist PerfoTec have partnered to offer fully compostable packaging that extends the shelf life of fresh produce.

The resulting laser microperforated compostable film provides retailers and suppliers with the ideal packaging qualities to reduce food waste, combat plastic pollution and cut carbon emissions, the two companies said.

They added that their combined technologies have been found to extend the shelf life of fruit, vegetables and flowers by up to two times.

TIPA’s compostable packaging performs like a conventional plastic but decomposes in compost back into the soil with no toxic residue, microplastics or other pollutants. Its packaging solutions fit with industry machinery and manufacturing practices.

PerfoTec’s High Precision Laser Technology facilitates longer shelf life by adapting the permeability of food packaging.

The technologies provide an end-of-life solution for produce packaging while supplying retailers and end consumers with extended produce shelf life, the companies added.

The partnership comes in response to high consumer demand to reduce food waste and combat plastic pollution, with some 85 per cent of UK consumers believing compostable packaging should be used to wrap food as an alternative to plastic.

PerfoTec chief executive Bas Groeneweg said: “After months of trials with this film, we realised that TIPA’s compostable film combined with PerfoTec’s patented laser perforation provided the best shelf life for fruits, vegetables and flowers by far. It provides longer shelf life and freshness which means fewer quality losses, less food waste and cost savings for producers and retailers.

“Partnering with TIPA to create compostable packaging that can outperform conventional plastic is a hugely exciting step forward for sustainable packaging. We’re delighted to be playing our part in the stride against quality losses, food waste and plastic pollution.”

Ayellet Zinger, VP of sales for TIPA, said: “In combining our technologies, TIPA and PerfoTec form a synergistic partnership that optimises flexible packaging for produce.

“We have created an exceptional product that extends the shelf life of fruit, vegetables and flowers with a protective and fully compostable film that decomposes just like the product its packaging. TIPA and PerfoTec bring huge added value for flexible produce packaging, reducing food and packaging waste, and providing solutions for the future of sustainable packaging.'