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Tozer Seeds has unveiled the first ever British-bred Halloween pumpkin variety, better suited to the “unpredictable” British growing season.

Dubbed “Wicked” by the British seed company, the pumpkin has been bred to be more suitable to the cooler and wetter climate of north-western Europe than traditional US-bred varieties.

Tozer described the pumpkin as a large, round vibrant-orange fruit, boasting a high and uniform yield.

Director of plant breeding, Dr Jamie Claxton said: “It has taken us eight years to develop Wicked, we have tried to produce a variety which performs well in a UK summer which as wek now can be very unpredictable.

“I am particularly pleased that the handles of Wicked are hardy and tend to remain firmly on the fruits.”

Tozer said its Wicked pumpkin will add to their portfolio of hybrid vegetables, including parsnip and market leading celery varieties.