Zenith Global announces the 2022 Vertical Farming World Awards finalists ahead of ceremony in Brussels later this month

The 2022 Vertical Farming World Awards take place in Belgium

The 2022 Vertical Farming World Awards take place in Belgium

Finalists for the 2022 Vertical Farming World Awards were announced yesterday (1 September) by the event’s organiser.

Winners will be revealed at an awards ceremony on 20 September at the 2022 Vertical Farming World Congress in Brussels, organised by global food and drink experts Zenith Global with support from category sponsors Cultivatd and Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS).

Celebrating excellence and innovation across the global vertical farming industry, entries were invited in 14 categories spanning crops, technology, sustainability and commercial initiatives, Zenith Global said.

The Finalists

Best Crop Innovation

· AeroFarms - AeroFarms X Hortifrut: Blueberries

· Bowery Farming - Bowery Strawberries

· Future Crops - Spring onions

· Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) - Beyond basil: growing tree seedlings in a vertical farm environment


Best Crop Enhancement

· GreeenTech – Urbanio indoor farm EXPO2020

· Neuron Software Ltd. - nGen Greens - Functional Grow

· Vertical Future Ltd - Optimised Light Recipes for Red Pigment Plants


Best Yield Improvement

· Infarm - Cocktail Tomatoes Yield Improvement

· LettUs Grow - LettUs Grow’s ultrasonic aeroponics

· Urban Harvest - Strawberries forever


Best Lighting Development

· Sananbio - Grow rack, lights

· Signify - A lighting system as dynamic as a vertical farm


Best AI/Automation Development

· Bowery Farming - AI-Powered Intelligent Crop Retrieval

· Infarm - Infarm’s Revolutionary Biofeedback System

· Sananbio - Grow rack, lights

· TTA BV - FlexPlanter


Best Climate Control Innovation

· Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) - Automated precision-controlled environments using IGS’ vertical farming systems

· Les Jardins Suspendus - The Vertical Farm built on the top of an ice Factory in Djibouti, East Africa

· Smallhold - Smallhold

· Urban Harvest - Data driven climate control

· YASAI AG – Circular Vertical Farming System


Best Farm Design Innovation sponsored by Cultivatd

· Bowery Farming - Grow Position Mapping and Scalability

· Ljusgarda - Industrial design

· Sananbio - Grow rack, lights


Best Energy Efficiency

· Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) - Driving energy efficiency through three-phase power and precision lighting

· Les Jardins Suspendus - Les Jardins Suspendus: building a VF at the equator in a cold chamber that is powered by the sun

· Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd - Nippon SG Aquaponic

· Urban Crop Solutions - ModuleX


Best Sustainability Initiative

· Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd - Nippon SG Aquaponic

· Upward Farms - USDA-Certified Organic Indoor Aquaponic Vertical Farm

· Urban Crop Solutions - Closing the loop by transforming waste to food


Best Community Initiative sponsored by IGS Limited 

· LettUs Grow - Grow It York

· Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd - Nippon SG Aquaponic


Best Brand Marketing

· AeroFarms - AeroFarms FlavorSpectrum™

· Bowery Farming - Feel Good Greens

· Smallhold - Smallhold


Best Retail Innovation

· AeroFarms - AeroFarms Baby Bok Choy

· AeroFarms - AeroFarms Micro Rainbow Mix

· Bowery Farming - Bowery Strawberry Duopack

· InvertiGro - Enabling reimagined food supply chains with In-store InvertiWalls


Best At Home Innovation

· Bioelements Agro - Bioelements Home Composting Additive

· Green World Revolution - Micro Urban Farm ECO ABUNDANCE Growing Kit

· ZipGrow Inc - The ZipGarden


Best New Business

· Certhon - Gronos

· Les Jardins Suspendus - Les Jardins Suspends, the first Commercial Vertical Farm in Djibouti, East Africa.

· Sananbio - Grow rack, lights


The 2022 Vertical Farming World Congress will be held in Brussels, Belgium, at the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s hotel from 19 to 21 September.