Biometric technology will be used as an extra measure of security against ID fraud 

AgPick ID verifies workers as they move around farms

AgPick ID verifies workers as they move around farms

AgPick Technology has unveiled AgPick ID, a new mobile application that harnesses facial recognition to replace the need for physical ID cards. 

The app was launched at a Central Queensland farming operation and AgPick chief executive officer, Henrietta Child said it is helping the business to save on administration time as workers no longer need to report to the office to sign in and out. 

“The process will obviate the need for workers to carry crew ID cards which can be misplaced, lost, or used by someone else,” said Child.  

During the onboarding process, pickers are registered into the AgPick ID system with three images of their face. They will then sign into with a new photo taken using the app.  

“The image is compared with the unique metadata attributes of their face and matched to their personal details which are already in the system,” Child said.  

“The technology is an extra layer of security to protect growers from Fair Work breaches, support their insurance coverage, and protect them from ID fraud.” 

The app is also integrated with other AgPick systems so any data captured about a worker’s activities and their performance can be used in the AgPick Reporting Portal. 

“At a granular level the system records activities and time spent on a block and allows companies and supervisors to make better, more informed decisions,” Child said.