APAL rosalie

Apple and Pear Australia (APAL) has announced Rosalie Daniel as the new technical manager of its Future Orchards programme.

Daniel has spent the last eight years as a plant pathologist atthe New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI), where she has combined her significant academic background, including Bachelor of Agricultural Science and a PhD, with field-based work.

“It was Rosalie’s combination of capability and field experience that set her apart during the interview process,” said Justin Smith, industry services and export manager of APAL.

“Her breadth of experience advising on matters ranging from disease management options through to providing data to inform policy development, will be invaluable to APAL and our members.”

During her time at DPI, Daniel was responsible for applying for competitive research funding, managing laboratory and field-based projects, providing data and information for on disease management options and biosecurity, and liaising with growers in the blueberry, tea tree, vegetables, and nursery industries.

“Designing and executing laboratory and field trials to develop targeted and integrated disease management options has been my focus,”said Daniel, her previousresearch includes plant disease diagnostics, pathogenicity testing, integrated approaches to disease management, fungicide evaluation and air sampling fordisease monitoring.

“Future Orchards has played an important role in bringing the industry up to world-class standards. I’m looking forward to being part of this initiative and helping growers interpret and incorporate data into their orchard management,” Daniel said.

The Future Orchardseducation programme provides growers with practical and hands-on education to improve the fruit quality and productivity of their orchards and increase their competitiveness.