Fully funded fellowships are offering growers chance to travel for horticulture research  


Hort Innovation’s 2020 Churchill Fellow, Anita Long

Hort Innovation is offering up to four fully funded fellowships for transformational projects that spark positive change in the Australian horticulture sector. 

The 2024 Churchill Fellowship offers an opportunity for growers to travel the globe in the quest for new ideas and to bring their learnings back to Australia. 

Hort Innovation general manager of production and sustainability Anthony Kachenko said the grower-owned organisation is committed to developing capability. 

“Our vision of a prosperous and sustainable horticulture sector goes hand-in-hand with a workforce equipped to keep pace with our growing industry and to face the challenges that come with it,” he said. 

“Developing the next generation of leaders is a priority for Hort Innovation, and we support a range of programmes to do this, including the Churchill Fellowships.” 

Hort Innovation’s 2020 Churchill Fellow, Anita Long, recently completed her fellowship, where she investigated development programmes for young beekeepers that are scalable to an Australian context. 

Long said her Churchill Fellowship was a remarkable experience that had her buzzing with ideas. 

“Like a scout bee flying away from the colony to find vital resources for the hive, I travelled across oceans and borders to research innovative development and engagement programmes for young beekeepers to bring back the most dynamic findings to pollinate those ideas back to Australia,” she said. 

“My Fellowship unearthed a wealth of knowledge and practical insights that can guide collaborative efforts toward ensuring Australian beekeeping’s long-term sustainability and success.” 

Long encouraged anyone interested in the programme to give it a go and apply. 


“A Churchill Fellowship is genuinely for anyone,” she said. “If you can get the courage to apply, you have the courage to complete this phenomenal experience. I hope my Churchill Fellowship inspires others to pursue their passions and embrace their unique strengths, regardless of the obstacles in front of them.”