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Increasing Australia’s annual avocado consumption from 3.5kg to 5kg per person is an achievable goal, according to John Tyas of Avocados Australia.

ABC News reported that while prices still remain steady for both growers and consumers an increase in production could see the balance tip in future, making this a necessary step for a plateauing demand.

“I think that $2 to $2.50 retail price point is pretty fair value for everyone,' said Tyas.

'Avocados aren't an easy crop to grow, and they're quite an expensive crop to grow, so I think at that retail price point everyone can make a sustainable amount,” he added.

Western Australian grower, Russell Delroy said that while prices are down around 35 per cent per carton this year, it’s the price drop that has been expected for a long time.

Retail prices haven’t come down as much reflectively, but Delroy speculates this could be a case of supermarkets taking the opportunity of larger profit margins for the year.

“Typically, when prices get very high supermarket margins get squeezed,” he said.

“As values fall the supermarkets will try to get a little more margin, but [consumers] should see better price points.”