Vegetables by Bayer has announced a new partnership with Australian grower for its flagship melon variety OrangeCandy

OrangeCandy melon

OrangeCandy melon

Vegetables by Bayer has chosen Capogreco Farms as its new exclusive partner for the Australian production and sale of OrangeCandy melons, for domestic and export markets.

OrangeCandy is an Amarillo-type melon and has its origins in Bayer’s melon programme from Spain. It has smooth, yellow skin and is naturally sweet with a sherbet-like taste and crispy texture.

Darren Wood, Bayer Vegetable Seeds commercial lead ANZ, said the multi-year agreement was brokered following an extensive review of domestic and export market potential, and local growing conditions and capacity.

“Capogreco Farms has industry-leading packhouse facilities, global trading experience, and operations across multiple growing locations, which will enable the year-round supply of OrangeCandy for Australian consumers and export markets,” Wood said.

“We are excited to work with Capogreco Farms on this new partnership to bring the unique eating experience of OrangeCandy to households across Australia and abroad.

“Vegetables by Bayer thanks Rapisarda Farms for its development of OrangeCandy since it was first commercialised in Australia in 2017,” Wood said.

Capogreco Farms has exclusive access to OrangeCandy seed and use of the OrangeCandy logo and trademark.