Locally grown citrus fruit to receive special promotion across the state’s supermarkets

The start of the West Australian citrus season has been celebrated as the state’s production continues to climb. 

West Australian citrus

West Australian citrus

Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis was joined by industry members and retailers for the launch of the season and highlighted the work being done to develop the citrus industry in Western Australia.

“I am excited to launch the 2023 WA citrus season, with premium local oranges and mandarins now available in retail outlets for consumers to enjoy,” said Jarvis.

The value of West Australian citrus production has doubled in the past eight years, with more than 1,000ha now grown from the West Midlands through to Harvey, with smaller areas located at Manjimup, Carnarvon and Kununurra.

The increased production comes as three new large-scale orchards near full production, adding to the expansion of existing operators and an industry trend toward higher density plantings.

Jarvis said the state government was supporting industry growth by partnering with grower-led research and development, including root stock and variety trials, exploring protective cropping options, improved integrated pest management strategies and water use efficiency.

It was also assisting the industry to capture new market opportunities via investments in export development and technology improvements, as part of the Value Add Agribusiness Investment Grant and Asian Market Export initiatives.

“This industry’s growth has been impressive, reinforced by supply chain collaboration and a clear direction for the future guided by a new WA Citrus Strategic Plan,” said Jarvis.

“Our government is committed to helping the Western Australia citrus industry to realise its potential by supporting research and development on the ground, as well as exploring opportunities through inbound and outbound trade delegations to generate ongoing benefits to the economy and communities.”

There are also efforts being made to promote local consumption with a range of citrus farmers, packers and large supermarkets participating in the state government’s Buy West Eat Best initiative, which identifies locally grown, processed, prepared and served food and beverages with its distinctive green bite logo.

“I welcome the work by the West Australian citrus industry and Northern Valley Packers, negotiating with a major retailer to only stock West Australian oranges in its stores when available,” said Jarvis.