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Costa has launched a new creative campaign for its Perino Naturally Sweeter range of snacking tomatoes.

Dubbed ‘Snack Attack!’, the campaign features animated Perino tomatoes infiltrating everyday snacking moments. Costa said its aim is to position the range as a “delightful, flavoursome and healthy choice” for snacking.

The campaign also reveals Perino’s upcoming rebrand, a move aimed at differentiating the product and inspiring future growth in the snacking tomato segment through extending consumer usage occasions.

The strategic choice to rebrand was based on consumer research that revealed the lack of clear differentiation between tomato varieties hindered consumers’ ability to make more informed choices and build brand loyalty.

Kylie McKnight, Costa’s marketing manager - tomato category, said effective branding is playing an increasingly important role in the future growth of the produce industry and the Costa business.

“With insights pointing towards growth in the premium snacking tomato segment, we felt it was the right time to build a strong brand foundation and brand pillars for Perino,” McKnight explained.

“This comprehensive brand strategy and communication campaign aims to raise awareness, build familiarity and cement Perino Naturally Sweeter snacking tomatoes as consumer’s preferred choice.”

The campaign launched across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in December. A further push over the back-to-school period is aimed at inspiring a lunch-box Perino infiltration, while the campaign is also extending to paid YouTube pre-rolls.

The new brand and packaging will be rolled out over the coming months and is exclusive to Coles supermarkets.