Freshmax Australia has launched its marketing campaign for new season Tangold mandarins, building on two years of commercial production.

Bred by University of California, Tangold is a seedless mandarin that is easy to peel, has a sweet taste, smooth rind and intense deep orange skin colour.

William Snell, general managers of sales at Freshmax Australia, said Tangold is already gaining great traction at retail, showing great promise for overall season performance.

“We are delighted to receive a great response and support from all leading retailers in Australia since the launch of Tangold in 2017,” Snell said.

“This year is special as it marks the availability of Tangold Seedless nationwide and launch of a 500g pre-pack offering. These pre-packs are available instore and we already see strong uptake among consumers.”

This year, Freshmax Australia will focus its marketing campaign on an integrated marketing approach, with strong touchpoints in digital and traditional media.

With a primary objective of brand awareness, the 2019 Tangold campaign will focus on microtargeting consumers based on their buyer personas.

Along with path-to-purchase activities and social influencer marketing, Tangold Seedless will also be advertised on digital audio platforms. Enhanced brand visibility and sales acceleration are set to be driven by off-location branded display bins placed in leading retailers across Australia.

“To elevate retailer engagement and brand interest, we organised a Tangold launch at the Coles head office,” said Sona Padman, campaign manager of Freshmax Australia.

“With custom-made Tangold Seedless mocktails and product sampling, the event was a great success, with the product well-received by enthusiastic Coles employees. It is great to see this level of excitement for our brand from leading retailer partners.”