First commercial planting of T&G Global’s newest apple variety Joli begins in New Zealand

The first commercial planting of T&G Global’s newest global premium apple variety Jolli, commenced at one of T&G’s Hawke’s Bay orchards in New Zealand during he first week of September.

T&G is the global exclusive license holder for growing, marketing and selling the new variety, branded as Joli. This initial planting is part of the planned 27ha T&G will plant on its Hawke’s Bay orchards over the next three years. A further 100ha will be grown under license by independent growers across New Zealand.

Announced in June, Joli is the result of over ten years of innovation. Developed in New Zealand, it’s a productive, large, full-flavoured, bright red juicy apple, which appeals to both consumers and growers.

T&G Global’s chief executive, Gareth Edgecombe, said the first commercial planting marks a significant milestone for Joli.

“After nearly a decade of working with our partners to develop and trial a high performing premium variety which grows incredibly well, tastes great, and complements our existing premium portfolio of Envy and Jazz, it’s fantastic to get the first commercial Joli™ trees in the ground. The standout quality of this new premium Joli apple, supported by results from consumer sensory research run in global markets, is reflected in the high level of interest we’ve received from New Zealand growers interested in growing this new variety. We look forward to having the Joli apples available for consumers to purchase from 2028 onwards,” said Edgecombe.

Since its launch, expressions of interest from growers across Aotearoa New Zealand have been sought, with a number of growers now confirmed to receive allocations of Joli tree stock for planting in 2024.

Throughout its development phase, Joli has been trialled across New Zealand to ensure the trees grow consistently in different environments and cope with various climatic conditions, producing great tasting fruit that stores well.

“We know the trees have very strong orcharding attributes, including high yield and the ability to grow throughout New Zealand. As we begin to commercialise Joli we’ll closely monitor and evaluate our orchards to further inform and assist our growers as planting continues to expand in coming seasons,” said Edgecombe.

Joli is the result of VentureFruit, T&G’s IP management and commercialisation business, working closely with innovation company Prevar, and Plant & Food Research in New Zealand, who work in collaboration on the pipfruit breeding programme, to deliver new varieties that meet both current and future market opportunities.

T&G’s next round of expressions of interest for Jolli plantings in New Zealand will open mid-year in 2024. The company also encouraged international growers to make contact to explore opportunities to grow the new variety as tree stock becomes available over the next five to six years.