Nectara to highlight the flavour profiles of Montague’s nectarine range

Montague's new Nectara nectarine brand

Montague’s new nectarine brand Nectara

Montague has announced the launch of Nectara, a new brand of nectarines that will use stickers to communicate the key flavour profile of its fruit so that consumers can make more informed purchasing decisions and build stronger trust with the category.

To produce Nectara, Montague sourced a range of nectarine varieties from around the world to find flavours that would appeal to the diverse Australian palate. In recent years, they planted these new varieties and can now offer nectarines with three distinct flavour profiles.

The three Nectara subcategories that sit under the brand are: white nectarines – ‘Sweet Silk’, yellow nectarines – ‘Tangy Punch’, and yellow nectarines – ‘Smooth Honey’. Each nectarine will have a different colour sticker that communicates the key flavour.

“Following a consumer market research study undertaken from an independent third party (Red Robin Blue) we identified that consumers are seeking fruit that tastes great and is healthy — but they are confused by the category. Often, they are re-familiarising themselves with the category each summer. We are determined to change this,” said Montague’s senior marketing manager Angela Bracken.

The Montague-packed Nectara nectarines will meet the company’s long-held quality standards, but will also clearly identify to the shopper which nectarines are sweet or tangy.

Montague’s chief innovation officer, Rowan Little proposed the concept to the industry.

“Customer enthusiasm was strong with excitement around the new brand, that is aimed at appealing to a wider audience that also captures younger shoppers”, he says.

Thanks to the prediction of a warmer than usual summer, the 2023/2024 season will likely see a larger crop harvested than last season and Nectara nectarines will be on shelves from November until late-January 2024.

Montague and its exclusive external growers work with over 130,590 nectarine trees nationally. Their network of partners grows nectarines in the Bilmont Orchard in Swan Hill, Katunga and Shepparton, Victoria. These locations are ideal for nectarines which benefit from cool evenings to help cool the fruit combined with rich sunshine and well-drained soil.