Lady Jane group shot

Leading Australian produce company, Nutrano, has officially launched the season for Lady Jane mangoes.

Said to have a rich, sweet flavour, smooth flesh and adorned by a red flush, a limited run of the fruit will be available to consumers in Woolworths stores across New South Wales and Victoria from mid-November.

Chief executive of Nutrano, George Haggar, said the farm team had been working hard to get this season right.

“Our farm team have been monitoring the Lady Jane mangoes closely, testing brix, dry matter and blush colour to determine the ideal time to harvest. Quality is superb, and eating experience is fantastic,” said Haggar.

The mangoes have been grown at the group’s Eumaralla Farm in Katherine, Northern Territory for over ten years, but the programme to get it up an running has been over 20 years in the making.

“We’re onto a real winner here with a superior mango variety that has been 20 years in the making, capable of withstanding the growing conditions in the Northern Territory and all aspects of the supply chain. We are very proud to be strategically connected with expert mango breeder, Ken Rayner, and to share his passion for the category,' added Haggar.

A cross between Irwin (female) and R2E2 (male) varieties, developing Lady Jane has been delicate process. Recent upgrades to Nutrano’s packing facilities will aim to ensure the growth of the group’s Northern Territory mango operations.

Along with plans to expand its Lady Jane plantings over the next four years, the group has refreshed the branding of the fruit, redesigning the logo to reflect ‘the premium quality and distinguishing red blush’.

Targeted to mango enthusiasts, ‘foodies’ and gourmet shoppers, marketing of the fruit will include in-store demonstrations, a new digital campaign and recipe inspiration.