Australian leafy-greens supplier One Harvest has launched its brand-new logo, which managing director Sam Robson, says symbolises freshness, growth and the company’s sustainable mind-set.

“One Harvest is embracing change and preparing for a sustainable future as we unite as a business to reinforce our vision and purpose,” said Robson.

Throughout the course of this year, One Harvest has implemented new processes and technologies, allowing it to continue to deliver on quality and innovation for its customers.

Robson said the company had defined its focus and reaffirmed its commitment to its purpose of helping people live better lives.

“To symbolise our renewed energy, we are pleased to be launching our new logo. A logo that visually represents our organisation in a way that engages our employees and supports a future of innovation and growth,” he explained.

“Although our logo has been redesigned, we have not lost sight of our rich history in the Australian produce industry and are using this milestone to celebrate our journey so far.

“If you look closely – you can see the shape of the old logo reflected in the new. Looking back to where it all began as industry pioneers in the early 1990s, we began processing the first bagged salads in Australia from our Carole Park facility,” he continued.

“In the late 1990s we saw fruits and vegetables such as the seedless watermelon, avocados and the Calypso mango brought to the tables of millions of Australian families to share and enjoy.

“For more than 20 years now, we have continued to expand our facilities and capabilities across the nation to ensure security to grow, process, and supply our products all year round. By investing in technology, we have supported our customers in supplying high quality, delicious, fresh Australian produce to their consumers every day,” concluded Robson.