Near-perfect weather conditions and restoration efforts produce good quality crop following Cyclone Gabrielle  

This season, T&G Global and its independent growers are set to collectively pick over 4m tray carton equivalents (TCEs) of apples, including its premium Jazz and Envy apple brands.  

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The 2023/24 New Zealand growing season is off to a great start

Craig Betty, director of operations for T&G, said the 2023/24 New Zealand growing season is off to a great start, with a good quality crop on the trees.  

“Across the country, we’ve had near-perfect apple growing conditions, with hot sunny days and cool nights, enabling the crop to develop great colour and eating quality,” said Betty. “Our Jazz apples taste great — with that perfect balance of crisp, tangy-sweet flavour that consumers love and seek out.” 

Betty shared that Hawke’s Bay Jazz volumes were impacted by last year’s Cyclone Gabrielle but restoration efforts are set to produce good quality fruit this season.  

“Last year, with Cyclone Gabrielle striking Hawke’s Bay just as our harvest was getting underway, some Jazz volumes were impacted,” he said. “Our team, together with our independent growers, have put in a huge amount of work to clean up and restore orchards. The quality of this season’s crop is testament to their dedication and effort.”  

T&G and its growers began harvesting early season varieties including Poppi, Royal Gala and Pacific Queen in Tairāwhiti Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay in early February, followed by Jazz in March. This will be followed by the South Island Jazz crop, which will be harvested a few weeks later. T&G’s premium Envy branded apples will begin to be picked from early April and the first Jazz shipments will depart Napier Port bound for Asia in late March.  

“In addition to Jazz being readily available in stores across Aotearoa New Zealand for Kiwis to enjoy, in late March our first shipments will depart Hawke’s Bay for Hong Kong, and over the coming months Jazz will be available in China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam,” said Betty.  

It’s also the first full season that T&G’s state-of-the-art automated Hawke’s Bay packhouse has been operational.   

“Our Whakatu packhouse helps ensure we have the capacity to handle increasing volumes of fruit and that the quality of our fruit is prioritised by utilising some of the world’s leading AI defect sorting, soft fruit handling, and robotic fruit packers and palletiser technology,” said Betty. 

 “With best in class systems across our supply chain we ensure our apples arrive in-market in great condition and meet customer and consumer needs.”