Vietnam predicts export growth for 2011


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Vietnam predicts export growth for 2011

Improved access to international markets and better agricultural practises are spurring on fruit exports from Vietnam

Vietnam predicts export growth for 2011

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During the first four months of the year the country exported 600 tonnes of dragonfruit to the US – an increase of 70 per cent on exports last year, reported Viet Nam News.

In the same period, exports of the fruit to Japan reached 200 tonnes, up from exports in 2010, which totalled 420 tonnes for the entire year.

Vietnam also exported 40 tonnes of dragonfruit to South Korea since the lifting of a ban in October of last year, the newspaper reported.

New markets are also opening for produce from the country, with the US recently giving the all-clear for imports of Vietnamese rambutan.

It is also expected the country will begin mango exports to New Zealand early next year.

Nguyen Minh Chau told the newspaper it was estimated the country would export US$500-510m worth of fruit in 2011, compared to last year when fruit exports were valued at US$471m.

The newspaper attributed the increase in fruit exports and market access to improved farming practices, with many growers now being Viet GAP accredited. 

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