Mexico casts export net wider


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Mexico casts export net wider

Persian limes and grapefruit are amongst the products that could gain access to new markets in 2014

Mexico casts export net wider

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Mexican authorities are set to agree access for a number of the country’s key fresh produce exports. National food safety body Senasica is in talks with ten countries, including South Korea, Japan and Singapore to agree access for products including Persian limes, grapefruit, and lettuce.

Shipments of Persian limes to South Korea could get underway as soon as the first quarter of 2014 following the agreement of a new import protocol with the Asian country. With annual output of 1.89m tonnes, Mexico is the world’s biggest producer and exporter of Persian limes and with output still increasing growers will welcome news of the opening of a potential new market for their product.

Negotiations have also been scheduled on agreeing access for shipments of Mexican grapefruit to Japan and lettuce to Panama as part of an ongoing market diversification government strategy which has already led to agreements for imports of fresh berries to Singapore and table grapes to Indonesia.

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