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Steven Maxwell


Friday 17th October 2008, 08:58 Central Time

Mexican growers set to receive US$36.8m

In spite of the ongoing financial crisis, Mexico’s government has pledged substantial funds for growers in the state of Michoacán

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Mexico’s government has pledged to invest US$36.8m (487m pesos) in the important fresh produce production state of Michoacán, in the form of earmarked funds for growers.

During a tour of the region, Mexican agriculture secretary Alberto Cárdenas Jiménez said the investment would add to the US$43.8m (580m pesos) already given to growers in subsidies via Procampo, Mexico’s direct support programme for producers.

Mr Cárdenas also pledged to invest further sums in the programme over the next 60 days, which he said would consolidate Michoacán's position among the country’s leading five production regions.

Speaking to assembled producers and representatives from other agricultural sectors, the secretary said the resources would strengthen the estimated 220,000 units of production in the 113 municipalities in the state.

In addition to these funds, Mr Cárdenas said the government had pledged in invest US$7.5m (100m pesos) in Michoacán’s food production safety authority. He said the investment would ensure that major products from the region, such as avocados and blackberries, could “continue to compete in terms of quality and food safety in global markets”.

One of the Michoacán provinces visited by Mr Cárdenas, Los Reyes de Salgado, is set to undertake its first shipment of blackberries to the US this season, and is expected to have 5,800ha under blackberry cultivation by 2009.

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