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Camposol welcomes ETI representatives

Ethical Trading Initiative visits Peruvian exporter to learn more about country's agribusiness

Camposol welcomes ETI representatives

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Peruvian fresh produce leader Camposol has welcomed representatives of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) to its facilities, as the group looks to learn more about the South American country's agribusiness, given the rise of Peruvian exports to the UK.

The ETI, which consists of international companies, non-governmental organisations and trade unions, was in Peru to consult with local suppliers and major non-trade agribusinesses over ever-increasing trade relations between the country and the UK.

ETI representatives, including Edgar Monje, Andrew Sharp and Robert Cole from Tesco, Fresca and Wealmoor respectively, visited Camposol’s farms and plants, noting the good labour practices in which its employees worked as well as the social responsibility programmes run by the company for the benefit of its employees, the community and for the care of the environment.

Worker benefit programmes viewed by the visitors included psychological preparation for obstetric surgery and prenatal stimulation to care for pregnant mothers and the “Sunshine” day care centre for workers’ children.

In addition, they saw that young people benefited from work conducted with the Youth Association and with Arts and Development, through which business ventures - such as the 'The House of Bread' Bakery and the 'Caring Hands' Laundry - have been developed.

On environmental care, the delegation visited the Biological Control Programme, which develops the use of beneficial organisms and natural products that are alternatives to pesticides with the aim of protecting the health of employees and consumers as well as the preservation of the environment.

Finally, corporate affairs manager Francesca Carnesella gave a presentation on Camposol in which she stressed the company’s philosophy of social and environmental responsibility, stating that its purpose is to generate greater value for all stakeholders, and with a focus on sustainable development that seeks good economic, social and environmental results.

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