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Solid gains for Southern Hemisphere pears

The Southern Hemisphere pear marketing season has got off to a strong start as exports continue to climb

Solid gains for Southern Hemisphere pears

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Despite an initial slow start, the Southern Hemisphere pear marketing season is making solid gains, with exports to week 28 (13 July) rising by 4 per cent to 672,943 tonnes, according to a report by Argentinean news service Fruticultura Sur.

As of week 28, Chilean pear exports are up by 9 per cent and Argentinean shipments by 6 per cent, the report said.

South African sendings, meanwhile, have fallen by 5 per cent and Uruguayan volumes are down by 26 per cent in comparison to the same period of 2007.

Initially, the season suffered a harvesting setback following a late flowering period. Argentina also experienced certain delays due to a farmers’ strike which blocked transport routes.

Variety-wise, Abate Fetel volumes from across the Southern Hemisphere have risen by 30 per cent to week 28, Coscia by 89 per cent, Vermont Beauty by 40 per cent, Sempre by 59 per cent, with Bartlett and Williams exports up by 2.4 per cent and Packhams Triumph by just 1.1 per cent.

So far this season the report claims Argentina has recorded an important growth in exports to Russia, Italy, Brazil and Saudi Arabia due to a greater availability of volumes following a reduction in supplies to the US, Canada and Mexico.

South Africa continues to concentrate its pear exports to northern Europe and this season retains its title as the leading supplier to the UK, while also expanding exports to Asia.

To date this season, Chile has strengthened its presence in the Mediterranean region, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and also Saudi Arabia.

Uruguay continues to supply mainly Brazil, Spain, Italy and has shipped some volumes to the Netherlands and Belgium.


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