EU trade supports Ghana

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EU trade supports Ghana

APIBANA's president has stressed the importance of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Ghana and the EU

EU trade supports Ghana

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An interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Ghana and the EU is keeping the country's banana and pineapple industries alive, according to the president of the African Pineapple and Banana Association (APIBANA), George Kporye, GhanaWeb has reported.

“Without the interim EPA we would have no market and the banana export business would die," he said. "EPA allows us quota- and tariff-free access to the EU market."

He said that making the agreement permanent was a priority for Ghana, especially given the tough competition on the EU market from Latin America.

“It is actually important that the Ghanaian government signs the EPA," said Kporye. "If we don’t sign, we will be subjected to tariffs, and we cannot afford that in the face of stiff competition.”

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