Peruvian support scheme proves fruitful

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Gill McShane


Peruvian support scheme proves fruitful

Two of the country’s emerging avocado-producing regions have successfully diversified their markets under the Sierra Exportadora programme

Peruvian support scheme proves fruitful

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Some 245 growers based across two highland regions in Peru have shipped in excess of 1,000 tonnes of avocados to markets across Europe during February to June period this year, after receiving support from the South American country’s Sierra Exportadora scheme.

Aníbal Vásquez, the manager of Sierra Exportadora in Arequipa, told local reporters that Spain in particular is “very interested” in consuming avocados, adding that other nations are also ramping up their orders for next year.

Under the project, avocado growers in the regions of Arequipa and Moquegua have been receiving technical support since 2007 to help boost production from just 4,000 tonnes to 9,000 tonnes per hectare.

According to Mr Vásquez, the export crop comprised some 650 tonnes from Tiruque in the region of Arequipa, with a further 450 tonnes from Omate in Moquegua.


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