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Super Trooper heads to Europe

Israeli exporter Agrexco has just begun exports of its autumn melon variety, Trooper, and expects big things in Europe this season

Super Trooper heads to Europe

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The export season for Agrexco’s autumn melon variety, Trooper, has just started. This variety, according to the Israeli company, originates from the famous Galia variety and is noticeable for its high quality in terms of texture, flavour and taste.

The first shipment left Israel on 4 September, and exports will continue until mid-December, the company revealed. Agrexco anticipates a warm reception from consumers, thanks in part to the melon’s high sugar levels and low number of seeds.

Agrexco exports the melon to the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Scandinavia and Austria, with larger sizes going to Greece and Spain.

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