Uruguay's Frutec joins Modí apple club

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Uruguay's Frutec joins Modí apple club

Italian club apple project welcomes its first ever Southern Hemisphere member as demand reportedly continues to grow

Uruguay's Frutec joins Modí apple club

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Uruguayan exporter Frutec has been officially unveiled as the first Southern Hemisphere partner in the club apple project Modí.

According to a press release, Frutec's owners the Reyes family have agreed to produce and market the protected variety as part of efforts to build a year-round supply programme for customers worldwide.

Developed by renowned Italian fruit breeding group CIV, Modí was first registered in 2005 and this year reached total production of 650ha in the Northern Hemisphere, of which 485ha are in Italy itself.

Modí's apple network now includes production and export partners in other parts of the continent, including companies such as Ozler Tarim in Turkey, Delta Agrar in Serbia and Zao Sad-Gigant in Russia.

According to CIV president Mauro Grossi, the branded apple's reported quality, sustainability and shelf-life have been well received by the international fresh produce trade in recent years.

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