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PerfoTec has innovation in the bag

The company's new bulk bags, which will be on display at Fruit Logistica, "generate money for fresh produce traders"

PerfoTec has innovation in the bag

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PerfoTec has announced that it is introducing an innovative bulk bag, the PerfoTec Flexfresh Liner, at Fruit Logistica this February.

The product is a smart plastic bag that can be used in existing crates and boxes, with the main benefit being that it saves money for traders.

The extended shelf life offered by the bag results in less weight loss and better preservation of quality, while enabling cheaper transportation methods and new export opportunities.

Fruit and vegetables need oxygen to stay fresh, but the amount of oxygen varies by variety and during the season. PerfoTec supplies the equipment to quickly measure the amount of oxygen needed and translates this to the appropriate number of micro-perforations for each packaging unit, allowing shelf life to be extended.

For the new bulk and transportation packaging the grower and/or trader only needs new measuring equipment based on which PerfoTec can supply the micro-perforated bulk bags.

“Because we now also focus on bulk packaging we can prevent even more waste than before," explained Bas Groeneweg, CEO of PerfoTec. "This fits with our vision to tackle food waste chain-wide and to improve quality of fresh produce.”

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