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Tuesday 9th February 2016, 10:58 London

Edeka signs Dutch snack tomato deal

German retailer agrees three-year supply agreement with The Greenery and Greenco for snack tomatoes

Edeka signs Dutch snack tomato deal

Representatives from Edeka, Greenco and The Greenery finalise the tomato deal at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

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German retailer Edeka has agreed a three-year deal to source snack tomatoes produced in the Netherlands by Greenco and marketed by The Greenery.

The agreement will guarantee the supermarket chain a reliable, year-round source of mini tomatoes for its salad bars, which it began introducing to stores as a pick-and-mix concept back in 2014.

Since then, the range has been expanded to include other snack items, including mini cucumbers and mini peppers.

Greenco growers Jos van Mil and Ab van Marrewijk achieved a breakthrough in developing small plum tomatoes back in 2005.

Noticeably sweeter than other tomatoes, the fruit went on to be marketed as Tommies, one of European fresh produce industry’s first snack brands aimed primarily at children.

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