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Mercadona to roll out in-store juicing

Machines to be added to the entire store network, allowing customers to take home freshly squeezed orange juice

Mercadona to roll out in-store juicing

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Mercadona has installed juicing machines in all of its stores following a successful trial last year.

The €20m scheme means customers can take oranges straight from the produce aisle and take them to a self service juicing machine specially developed by Zumex in conjunction with Mercadona.

The retailer says the project will enable it to sell an additional 150 tonnes of oranges a day during the height of the domestic season that would not otherwise have been sold due to its less-than-perfect appearance.

“The introduction of a freshly squeezed juicing option is one of a number of improvements we have made to our newly revamped stores,” the supermarket said.

Mercadona plans to open 30 stores under the new format and modernise an additional 126 outlets in 2017.

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