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SanLucar extends apricot window

The premium-branded fruit is now available from April through to September

SanLucar extends apricot window

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SanLucar is boosting its premium apricot offering with a focus on early and late-season varieties grown on its farms in Spain and Turkey.

With 270ha under production in what it claims to be the largest project for modern apricot varieties in Europe, the company is now able to market apricots from April through to September.

The bulk of production is located in Murcia, Spain. In addition this year, late-season apricots will be sourced from farms in Turkey where SanLucar is in partnership with local growers. This will enable the company to prolong its marketing window until the month of September. 

“During the last three years, we have been focusing on selecting from the latest generations of fruit trees and the newest varieties,” said Stephan Rötzer, CEO of SanLucar Group.

“The goal is always to obtain a product with the best taste and quality. It is a very dynamic process. Our research and development team dedicates itself daily to identify varieties that best meet our standards as a premium brand.”

This season the company has introduced an innovative slider pack which it describes as “a convenient packaging ‘to go’ in which the apricot is well protected, preserving its quality by avoiding direct contact with the fruit”.



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