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HaciendasBio rolls out new organics label

The Badajoz-based company hopes to push organics into the mainstream with its Biovivo brand

HaciendasBio rolls out new organics label

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HaciendasBio has launched a brand new organics label for the Spanish market. The company says it has invested €1m in creating the Biovivo brand in response to growing demand for organic fruits and vegetables among Spanish consumers.

With research by management consultancy Everis showing that the Spanish organics market is and is projected to grown from €1.5bn currently to €12bn by 2020, HaciendasBio’s managing director Paco Casallo believes the time has come to take organics out of the niche specialist store sector and into mainstream distribution.

“We want to make organics accessible to everyone,” he says. “This is about consumers being able to go into any supermarket or wholesale market and find whatever organic fruit or vegetable they are looking for.”

The company is forecasting annual sales of €25m by 2022, an ambitious target, but one that Casallo is confident to company will reach based on current market growth forecasts.

With a product catalogue of than 40 types of fruits and vegetables and annual sales of €40m, HaciendasBio is the biggest organics producer in Spain and has been a leading exporter to the European market for more than 15 years.

Up to now just 5 per cent of its output has been destined for the domestic market but with the creation of Biovivo this has risen to 15 per cent. Casallo says the increase is coming from new production rather than a fall in export volumes. “We’re constantly investing in new farms in order to be able to expand our product range,” he notes.

The company has already signed up to supply a number of leading Spanish retailers including Consum, Eroski, Caprabo and Ahorramás.

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