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Anecoop calls for “orderly growth” in Asia

The company says more effective promotions are needed to raise awareness of Spanish citrus in China

Anecoop calls for “orderly growth” in Asia

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Spain’s Anecoop is set to expand its citrus programme in Asia. From next season the group will add red Torocco-type oranges to its line up while also increasing its volume of easy peelers varieties like Nadorcott, Tang Golds and Orri.

“We’re also planning to extend our Navel season, shipping right into May,” said citrus manager Nacho Juárez.

Juárez noted that when it comes to satisfying China’s growing demand for imported oranges, Egypt has been the big winner in the Northern Hemisphere season.

“Spain did manage to increased its shipments to China last season, but we have the potential to do so much more,” he said.

“We have to grow in a more orderly way, so that we can compete in a market that is segmented in terms of consumption channels and prices.

“This means getting closer to the consumer, developing powerful brands and promotional campaigns that effectively communicate the message that Spain can supply citrus of consistently high quality, which is safe to eat and has excellent taste.”

Meanwhile, Juárez claimed that China’s decision to increase tariffs on US citrus in the escalating trade war between the two countries would likely be of little advantage to Spain in the long run.

“It may give us a little breathing space but the sector hasn’t evolved enough to be able to increase its volumes suddenly,” he said.

“On the other hand, the fall out could mean the US increases supply pressure in other emerging markets where it competes with Spain, such as South Korea.”


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