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Europe proves a strength for Bonduelle

French group sees slight drop in revenue through opening quarter despite slight European growth

Europe proves a strength for Bonduelle

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Prepared food and salad specialist Bonduelle has reported on a year-on-year dip in revenue for the opening quarter of 2018/19, hit by a lower result in the non-Europe zone.

Overall revenue dropped 1.2 per cent on the same period of 2017/18, down from €690m to €680.1m.

By region, European revenue climbed 0.6 per cent to €315.1m, as the hot summer had a positive impact on the sales of summer products such as sweetcorn and delicatessen/fresh salads.

Non-European revenue fell 2.7 per cent to €367m, with business activity in North America slightly down, linked to the discontinuation of non-profitable product ranges within the Bonduelle Fresh Americas (BFA) business unit coupled with some temporary time lags in the completion of some sales contracts with canned and frozen food manufacturers of the Bonduelle Americas Long Life.

Bonduelle's fresh processed segment, covering both regions, saw a drop in revenue of 0.9 per cent to €305.6m.

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