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Friday 15th March 2019, 11:30 London

Besana outlines acquisition plans

Dried fruit and nuts specialist is actively looking to invest in local businesses to boost international growth

Besana outlines acquisition plans

Besana's management, from the left: Riccardo Calcagni, CEO; Marcella Netti, CFO; Pino Calcagni, President; Vittoria Calcagni, Public Affairs.

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Italian group Besana has revealed that it is beginning a process to grow internationally, which it will achieve through acquisitions in Asia, Eastern Europe and North America.

The group, which specialises in the processing and distribution of nuts and dried fruits, has announced its intention to acquire local businesses in its areas of interest to further increase its rate of global expansion, with willingness to "open out to industrial and financial partners interested in supporting it in this development process".

Four years ago, Besana launched an ambitious supply chain project for agricultural development in central Asia and central Europe, with the aim of promoting the growing of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachio nuts in areas with optimal soil and climate conditions.

Two group companies, one in Kazakhstan and one in Ukraine, currently focus on securing raw materials compliant with the quality standards required by industry.

The group noted that, From field to fork, its business model is based on creating a farming network and state of the art processing plants designed to build a best-practice production chain from farmer to consumer, ensuring food safety and healthy food.

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