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Christmas comes early at Nunhems

Seed company presents Coliseo F1, the first Santa Claus melon variety with moderate resistance to the New Delhi virus

Christmas comes early at Nunhems

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Nunhems has unveiled a new Santa Claus (piel de sapo) melon variety which the seed specialist has said is the first of its kind to offer "moderate reistance" to the New Delhi virus.

The variety, Coliseo F1, was described by José Ramón Naranjo, melon sales specialist at BASF Vegetable Seeds, as a “very comprehensive melon".

Naranjo highlighted the melon's production performance, attractive external format and great flavour, in addition to its resistance.

According to Nunhems, Coliseo F1 is recommended for late-season transplants in Almeria (in greenhouses) and La Mancha, as well as early season planting in Murcia.

“The cornerstone on which Nunhems' varietal development rests has always been, and continues to be, internal quality,” Naranjo continued. “Our goal is to introduce varieties with optimum resistance and good storage properties without relinquishing flavour.”

BASF’s vegetable seeds subsidiary showcased its new watermelon offering alongside other products at a recent event in Cartagena.

Also on show were the NUN 68307 MEM F1, dexribed as a variety of "outstanding quality, high Brix level, attractive external appearance and towards the heavier end of the scale", and the Salgado F1 for mid-season transplants, a melon that offers "excellent production, very uniform fruits towards the heavier end of the scale, excellent flavour and good post-harvest performance".

Nunhems also highlighted its extended Galkia melon range, which is made up of Kirene F1, Kinder F1, Kinetic F1 and, from this season, Kinium F1.

“Our mission is to contribute to more sustainable farming by adding value to every link in the chain, from production through to the end consumer, not forgetting our social and environmental responsibilities,” noted Pere Montón, watermelon account manager at BASF vegetable seeds.

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