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Eosta launches 'Specialties' division

New segment will help meet growing demand for a range of organic exotic and specialty vegetables

Eosta launches 'Specialties' division

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Dutch organic specialist Eosta has launched a new division, Eosta Specialities, which will be responsible for the marketing and sales of organic exotics, specialty produce and 'forgotten' vegetables.

The new segment, which has been created as a result of growing demand for unique organic products, will be headed up by Roy van Holstein and Pieter-Jan Niewenhuijs, supplying everything from Carambola to Sharon Fruit, to different varieties of cress and organic seaweed.

"Eosta will continue to focus on her core business, namely organic fruit and greenhouse vegetables – with this new division we hope to supply those specialties that consumers want but are unable to get hold of," said Mr Nieuwenhuijs.

The products that the new division will offer are not widely available as organic, Eosta said, and, as a consequence, growers have been apprehensive to grow them due to the high risk and uncertainty attached. Eosta Specialties is therefore looking to harmonise supply and demand, and consequently establish growth in these niche products.

The new Specialties range will be sourced from Nature & More growers wherever possible, Eosta noted, and will subsequently carry a grower stamp.

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