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BAPL teams up with dietitian to promote heart health

Trade body is encouraging consumers to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure by eating an apple a day

BAPL teams up with dietitian to promote heart health

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British Apples and Pears (BAPL) has teamed up with leading dietitian Sian Porter to encourage consumers to help lower their risk of heart disease and high blood pressure by snacking on apples.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the biggest cause of deaths worldwide and the leading cause of premature deaths in the UK for both men and women. Porter emphasised that it is “more important than ever” to  support your heart health by eaing plenty of fruit and vegetables.

She said: “57 per cent of consumers say the pandemic has changed their food habits. Health, especially personal health is now more of a driver than ever beforemaking people think differently about how they cook, eat and shopbut we also know people are snacking more mindfully

“We know from research that eating fruit, and specific fruits such as apples and pears, is associated with  a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVDincluding strokes and CHD, so snacking on fruit including apples makes sense when you want to eat more healthily and look after your cardiovascular health.

Research published this year found that increasing flavanol intake  bioactive compounds found in considerable quantities in foods such as apples – is associated with statistically significant lowering of blood pressure in men and women.

At a population level, flavanol intake could have a role in the maintenance of cardiovascular health, according to research.

BAPL's executive chair, Ali Capper, said: “A daily apple is such a simple way to support our cardiovascular health and make a healthier snacking choice. Swapping that sugary snack for a crisp, juicy British apple is not only a treat for our bodies, it’s a treat for our taste buds too."

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