Kiwifruit hanging

China Shenshan Orchard, a leading Chinese producer of kiwifruit, has announced that it incorporated a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Hubei Shenshan Orchard Technology, on 16 November 2021.

According to the company, Hubei Shenshan Orchard will act as its Research and Development (R&D) Centre to leverage on the current favourable trend and Chinese government support for the agricultural industry.

The move comes fter the Chinese government recently articulated its vision for the modernisation of the agricultural industry by 2035, with the aim of eradicating poverty in China.

With the growing importance of food sustainability, the government is currently investing heavily in agri-tech and scientific research, using technology to increase crop yields and productivity.

China Shenshan Orchard noted that the R&D Centre would bring 'top-notch research expertise' together to integrate the group’s core technologies at high levels of competence, showcasing its competitive advantages in R&D and planting management.

The R&D Centre will place its focus on researching and developing new kiwifruit varieties with enhanced tastes, quality, higher yield, higher disease resistance as well as targeting significant challenges in the kiwifruit industry including pests and disease, environmental factors, sustainability and food security with the adoption of technology.

The group said it would also be seeking innovative ways to improve planting and cultivation techniques, making kiwifruit production more sustainable and environmentally friendly, allowing it to eventually commercialise these techniques and superior varieties.

Setting up the R&D Centre could therefore also generate potential additional revenue streams from the commercialisation of new kiwifruit varieties, commercial use of patents, as well as the management of kiwifruit plantation and cultivation operations in third-party kiwifruit plantations, the company outlined.

“Innovation has always been part of our culture as we firmly believe that constant innovation and openness to technology are one of the key engines of success,' said Hu Chao, executive director and CEO of China Shenshan Orchard. 'Thus, incorporating Hubei Shenshan Orchard and setting it up as an R&D Centre does not only serve as a part of our ongoing innovative efforts and initiatives to broaden our expansion into the kiwifruit industry and enhance our profitability, but also demonstrate our commitment to contribute to the development and growth of kiwifruit industry in China.

'Moving ahead, we will continue to improve our kiwifruit varieties and develop new promising varieties, catering to the evolving consumers’ preferences and demands,' Chao added. 'We will also work relentlessly towards the goal of establishing ourselves as a leading agricultural biotechnology company.”