Post-harvest preservation solution LytoFresh used by Fortune Growers to extend shelf-life

Lytone's LytoFresh was used on Fortune Growers' broccoli

Lytone’s LytoFresh was used on Fortune Growers’ broccoli

Lytone Enterprise has partnered with US-based Fortune Growers to successfully trial its proprietary post-harvest preservation solution LytoFresh on broccoli. 

The leading North American broccoli supplier deployed LytoFresh on its broccoli to delay discolouration, prevent withering, and preserve the overall quality of fresh cut broccoli without the use of flake ice.

The experiment was conducted using industry standard practices as the control. Temperature in the storage room was maintained between 0°C and 1°C. The trial used several items that confer different treatment doses and different packages, to test the best conditions for the preservation purpose. 

The trial was continued through 42 days, at which point the untreated broccoli had to be disposed. After 42 days broccoli treated with LytoFresh remained in acceptable condition. 

William Chang, chief executive and founder of Lytone Enterprise, said it was clear that the broccoli treated with LytoFresh was in better condition than the control, a result that held great potential for the industry.

“It is a milestone for the industry, that by using LytoFresh system, fresh broccoli producers indeed will no longer need to pump tonnes of flake ice into packed cartons for long-distance transportation, saving broccoli producers time, water, labour, and electricity,” said Chang, 

“We hope this new application will certainly contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain.”

Broccoli would be the latest addition to the list of dozens of fresh products LytoFresh is suitable for including fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, exotic crops, and ornamentals.